Signs that u need rehab

Participation in a structured drug or alcohol rehab program is a necessary first step for many individuals seeking to find recovery from substance abuse. Some people try to quit on their own without the professional care that rehab provides, preferring to try to go it alone. However, it is extremely difficult for many people to break free from addiction without help, especially once substance use has progressed to a certain level. How to know if you need rehab, There are some telltale signs that drug use has gotten out of your control and that you need help. You may want to begin looking for a drug treatment program if you recognize the following signs in yourself.

Drug Use Has Become Your Main Priority

One way to know if you need rehab is when substance use becomes your primary focus and starts to consume your thoughts throughout the day. If you find yourself dedicating increasing amounts of time, effort, and resources to acquire and use drugs or alcohol, it could be a sign of addiction.

As addiction progresses, your interests, activities, and relationships may take a backseat to your substance use. Neglecting your responsibilities at home, work, or school is a common occurrence. If you have noticed a significant decrease in spending time with loved ones or participating in activities you once enjoyed, it is likely that you have a problem and would benefit from entering an addiction treatment program. Rehab can provide the support and resources necessary to address your addiction and regain control of your life.

Your Health Is Suffering

  • Physical health : The physical health consequences of drug abuse can range from mild to fatal, depending on several factors, such as how long the person has taken the drug, the amount is taken, and the type of drug.

Substance misuse is associated with a myriad of ill health effects. The drug being misused will dictate the specific effects. For example, alcohol addiction is linked to long-term liver problems and various types of cancer. Drug and alcohol addiction takes a toll on the body and the mind, causing a range of physical and mental health symptoms:


  • Mental health: Drug addiction causes changes in the way the brain functions and the way a person behaves. This could manifest as increased anxiety and agitation, depression, and even symptoms of psychosis.

One way to know if you need rehab is if you find yourself self-medicating a mental illness through substance abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse highlights that many individuals initiate and continue substance abuse as a means of self-medication. Drugs often alter the mind and can serve as coping mechanisms for individuals seeking to modify their thoughts, behaviors, or emotions. However, substance use can also trigger or exacerbate mental health symptoms, leading to a cycle of continued substance abuse to alleviate those symptoms.

Treating a co-occurring condition, where a mental health issue coexists with a substance use disorder, requires addressing both aspects simultaneously. Failing to address underlying mental health issues significantly increases the chances of relapse. Specialized care provided by dual diagnosis treatment centers ensures that individuals receive comprehensive treatment to address both their mental health condition and substance use disorder, enabling them to maintain long-term sobriety.

If you or others notice unwanted changes in your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, it may indicate the need for rehab. Severe physical or mental symptoms should prompt consideration of seeking professional medical or psychological help. Entering a structured drug or alcohol rehab program offers several benefits, including physical and mental health monitoring and care throughout the recovery process. This ensures that you can focus on achieving and sustaining sobriety, knowing that you are in the capable hands of qualified professionals.

You Take Excessive Amounts to Feel the Effects

How to know if you need rehab is if you are using substances in high quantities or with increased frequency. When you first start taking a drug, you may experience intense effects. However, over time, the body develops tolerance, requiring higher amounts or more frequent use to achieve the same outcomes.

As you increase your substance use to enhance the desired effects or experience a stronger high, you expose yourself to a heightened risk of drug or alcohol overdose. For instance, substances like heroin, being depressants, can dangerously slow down breathing and pulse rates when taken in large amounts. This can lead to coma or even death.

If you find yourself using substances in high quantities or more frequently, you are putting yourself at risk of overdose. Entering an addiction treatment program would likely be beneficial in addressing these dangerous patterns and helping you achieve sobriety. Rehab can provide the necessary support, guidance, and resources to help you overcome addiction and prevent the potentially life-threatening consequences of continued substance abuse

You Have a Strong Desire to Use the Substance

How to know if you need rehab is if you are experiencing strong urges or cravings to use drugs or alcohol. Revive Life Foundation specializes in treating individuals who are facing these challenges. When the body becomes acclimated to a substance through tolerance and physical dependence, discontinuing use can lead to the onset of withdrawal symptoms, which can intensify cravings.

The symptoms experienced during drug or alcohol withdrawal will vary from mild to severe based on the type of drug or alcohol being used and the amount and length of use. The professional detoxification services offered through rehab programs are a safe way to manage your withdrawal symptoms.

Find Help for Addiction

There are numerous benefits to seeking help for drug addiction in an inpatient drug rehab program. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, drug abuse rehab programs can provide various services, including:

  • Screening and diagnosis of substance use disorders.
  • Screening and diagnosis of co-occurring mental health disorders (dual diagnosis).
  • Drug and alcohol testing.
  • Medication management.
  • Substance use and mental health education.
  • Substance use and mental health treatment.
  • Transitional services that include discharge planning and aftercare services.
  • Case management to provide connection to available resources.

Revive Life Foundation will provide multiple levels and types of care. Different programs will also have different costs associated. You may be able to find low-cost rehab treatment. Outpatient treatment tends to cost less than inpatient treatment, though this cost can vary by program specifics like duration, location and luxuries offered. Inpatient treatment provides a higher level of medical and psychological care, including around-the-clock support, sober housing for the duration of treatment and all your meals throughout the program.

It can be overwhelming when you need help to find a program on your own which will provide the services and amenities that you want and need during your stay, as well as which will help you develop an aftercare plan for your transition out of treatment. We  at Revive Life Foundation  can help you find a treatment module  today. Simply call us  at +91 7807097478 for Information or get a text to speak with someone confidentially who can help you begin a life free from drug misuse.

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